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Solar Energy is Oregon 's most abundant energy resource!

The Portland , Oregon area has annual solar energy about equal to the average of solar radiation throughout the United States . While the Portland climate is very cloudy in winter, it is very sunny with low humidity throughout the 4 month solar "summer", which spans from June through September. Portland boasts annual solar energy which exceeds most of Europe and Japan , and exceeds that of New England, the Middle Atlantic States south to Virginia , and the upper Midwest !

The University of Oregon Solar Energy Center reports that solar energy is, by a substantial margin, Oregon 's most abundant energy resource. Its capability to produce electricity, heat and light for buildings exceeds that of all other energy resources in Oregon , including hydro and wind.

To obtain solar radiation data from the monitoring site located at Cascade Solar offices, go to and select the Portland site data.

Cascade Solar hopes to make solar radiation data available in future construction of this Web site.





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