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Cascade Solar has helped work with students (and corporate sponsors) to install photovoltaics on Franklin High School, North Salem High School, West Salem High School, and Clackamas High School.

Specifically, Cascade has served as installation/project manager working with both Portland General Electric (PGE) and Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to install 2 kW photovoltaic systems on Franklin High School (Portland, 2000), North Salem High School (Salem, 2000), West Salem High School (Salem, 2002-3), and Clackamas High School (project underway in Clackamas, 2002-3).

Cascade Solar works with school staff, volunteers, students, and other team members to put together a working photovoltaic system that meets everyone’s technical and educational goals. To provide data for student classroom work, CSC sets up data monitoring systems at each site.

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